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 Black Coat Press

Black Coat Press, established in 2003, is the U.S.'s leading publisher of English-language translations of classics of French popular literature, in the science fiction, fantasy and mystery genres, with over 500 titles in its catalog. 


 Hexagon Comics

Hexagon Comics is the successor to France's 5th largest publishers of newstand comics, established in 1950, with a library of approximately 3000 comic books consisting of over 250 characters created and published over the past 70 years that have sold over 400 million units in Europe.


Rivière Blanche

Rivière Blanche, established in 2004, is France's leading publisher of popular science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels, with over 600 titles in its catalog. 



  • Jean-Claude Forest. New ‘Barbarella’ Movie Starring Sydney Sweeney Eyes Jane Goldman And Honey Ross To Co-Write With Edgar Wright To Direct. link. (05/2024). 
  • Sydney Sweeney to star in and executive produce new Barbarella film at Sony. link. (10/2022)
  • Stan Sakai. Usagi Yojimbo: Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles now playing on Netflix. (05/2022)
  • Hexagon Comics: Captain Ukraine. Benefit comic book for the Ukrainian Red Cross. Order here. (04/22)
  • Jean-Claude Forest. Columbia Pictures has optioned the French comics property Barbarella from the Estate of the late creator Jean-Claude Forest for an undisclosed sum. Barbarella was created in 1962 and was the subject of a 1968 film by Roger Vadim starring Jane Fonda. The Estate was represented by the Hollywood Comics agency. Forest's son, Julien, and Jean-Marc Lofficier are attached as co-executive producers. (02/2022)