Non-exhaustive list of intellectual properties 

100% (Paul Pope) - Six characters in Manhattan in  January 2038. Though the interweaving stories are romantic in nature, they are steeped in science fiction and cyberpunk.

The Alien Spotter's Companion (Douglas Carrel) - The colorful antics of the denizens of a far-off planet.

Anita Bomba (Didier Cromwell & E.ric Gratien) - A bomb-throwing female thief and an alien flee from cyborg police.

Atomic City Tales (Jay Stephens) - Post modern superheroes.

Aurora West (Paul Pope) - A new generation of superheroes.

Baby Cyanide (Jean-Claude Forest) - A young girl and her kid brother wander the space lanes, often in the company of the colorful cast of a Cosmic Circus led by Queen Gypsy-Yoyo.     

The Ballad of Dr. Richardson (Paul Pope) - An art teacher undergoes a journey of discovery when he pursues a beautiful student through the New York underground night life.

Barbarella (Jean-Claude Forest) - A female adventuress explores the galaxy.

Battling Boy (Paul Pope) - A new generation of superheroes.

Bug Patrol (Jay Stephens) - Superheroes of the anthill.

Burrito (Carlos Saldaña) - The colorful adventures of a little hispanic donkey.

City (Lofficier) - In a decaying South American capital, two policemen are ordered to drive an armored truck with a mysterious cargo to a deadly destination.

Despair (Lofficier & Marc Agapit) - The victim of a car crash finds himself prisoner in a surreal clinic at the mercy of a mad doctor.

Donito (Didier Conrad) - A South Pacific island boy is entrusted with the ability to live underwater and helps his undersea friends against an evil siren.

El Muerto (Javier Hermandez) - 21-year-old Diego is abducted and sacrificed by the Aztec gods of death and returns to earth with supernatural powers.

Escapo (Paul Pope) - An escape artist makes a deal with Death.

Four-Eyes (Darryl Kluskowski) - As seen in syndication.

The Fury (Stephen R. Bissette) - A high-school student becomes a wisecracking superhero.

G.I.R.L. Patrol (Mike Manley) - Tales of the Galactic, Insertion, Reaction, Legion.     

The Gutterspines (Douglas Carrel) - An oddball family of hillbillies guard a portal that is all that stands between us and the bizarro creatures of Weerdlium.      

Heavy Liquid (Paul Pope) - Futuristic film noir with a "Repo Man" twist.     

Hogoun Temu (Lofficier & Philippe Xavier) - The investigations of an African wise man/witch doctor in the ancient Dogon Enmpire.     

Hypocrite (Jean-Claude Forest) - An eager, daffy, stunningly beautiful girl embarks on a career of monster-chaser

Icky Animal (Jay Stephens) - It's ugly, it smells, it's hilarious, what IS it? 

Jetcat (Jay Stephens) - As seen on NICKELODEON!

Kook & Yuck (Jay Stephens) - A hyperactive roach vs. hyperreactive rat a la Spy vs Spy or Tom & Jerry.     

The Light & Darkness War (Tom Veitch & Cam Kennedy) - In an afterlife dimension, Vietnam Vets join the great ten thousand-year war against the hellish legions of the Outer Darkness .

Monsterman (Mike Manley) - The man with the power of a thousand monsters.     

Mysterious Planet (Jean-Claude Forest) - In this science fiction remake of Jules Verne's Mysterious Island, space explorers are stranded on a "Mysterious Planet".

Nexus (Mike Baron & Steve Rude) - Moody tales of a Space Age vigilante executioner.     

N-Man (Stephen R. Bissette) - A scientist turns into a hulkish red monster who protects the world from giant lizards, alien invaders and other deadly creatures.

Nightspeeder (Lofficier) - A hyperspatial pilot finds herself trapped in a series of mind-over-reality adventures.

Nosferatu (Lofficier) - In a futuristic setting, vampire hunters pursue an alien from another dimension.

Oddette (Jay Stephens) - The life of a little girl rock star.

Oedipus & Rex (Lofficier & Paul G. Somers) - A boy psychiatrist and his pet turtle.

The One-Trick Rip-Off (Paul Pope) - An inner city gang whose members have strange mind powers plot a major heist.

Quicken Forbidden (Dave Roman & John Green) - What if, when Alice came back from Wonderland, Wonderland came back with her?...

Ragnarok (Lofficier & Stephan Martiniere) - Seven million years in the future, the Long Night has come at last...

Robur (Lofficier & Gil Formosa) - Jules Verne's air pirate fights the invasion of the Selenites.

Secret Saturdays (Jay Stephens) - As seen on CARTOON NETWORK!

The Silent Invasion (Larry Hancock & Michael Cherkas) -  In the 1950s, journalist Matt Sinkage investigates UFOs and a communist conspiracy.

Space Ape 8 (Jay Stephens) - Cosmic patrol with space monkeys.

Space Usagi (Stan Sakai) - Space age adventures of a rabbit warrior. 

Suburban Nightmares (Larry Hancock & Michael Cherkas) - 1950s surreality in the vein of "The Twilight Zone".    

THB (Paul Pope) - A sci-fi story set on Mars in the future, THB features the adventures of HR Watson, a teenage girl, and her super-powered bodyguard.

Tiger & The Eye (Hexagon Comics) -  Two private eyes investigate murder & mayhem in an alternate Mayan Earth.

Timmy Cranium (Mike Manley) - The hilarious adventures of backwoods, inbred hillbillies.

Tutenstein (Jay Stephens) - As seen on DISCOVERY!

Usagi Yojimbo (Stan Sakai) - The adventures of a rabbit Samurai in medieval Japan.

Zero Kingdom (Mike Manley) - In the future the world has grown so crowded, only the super rich can afford private burial on the earth...