The future.  A future that never was.  A future that might have been.  The future of -- METROPOLIS!

This is the gleaming city of tomorrow, first imagined by the geniuses of Fritz Lang and Thea Von Harbou after they first beheld the sight of New York City in the 1920s, and projected it into an undreamed-of future. This is the would-be perfect city of order and progress, where science and technology reign supreme.

Or do they? For at night, when the sun sinks below the gleaming spires of the city, Metropolis’ proud skyscrapers turn into oppressive mountains and its streets into shadow-filled canyons. And there, in the midst of these shadows, prowls a terrifying darkness that has the power to bring fear itself to the city of light.

That darkness has a name, a name that comes with a centuries-old heritage of dread -- NOSFERATU!