Space Ape 8

Far away in the distant cartoon future, the universe as we know it is patrolled by a mighty gang of simian soldiers.

Under the mysterious command of an entity named CONTROL, these cosmic gorillas police all corners of the galaxy, bringing hope and security to an ever-growing variety of freaky-looking aliens.

They are the SPACE APE BRIGADE, honored and revered throughout the cosmos, written of in history books on hundreds of thousands of planets.
It is within their ranks that we find a hero among heroes: the quintessential ape's ape -- the legendary SPACE APE EIGHT.
EIGHT is an apely commander with an adventurous spirit, serious attitude and a deep voice to match. Quick and powerful, he and his belt-blaster are more than up to any challenge thrown his way... which is a good thing, considering that in contrast to all his legendary abilities, SPACE APE EIGHT is known to have the worst luck in the universe.

When you are on EIGHT's star cruiser, the "Snake-Eyes," you can always expect things to go wrong, way wrong!

Just ask Lieutenant KIP TERRIER, small, nervous and forever second-guessing his commander. KIP is EIGHT's uncomfortable, outer space sidekick.
Together with their silent alien pal, LES, our heroes tumble through the stars, out of one frying pan and into another, sometimes literally.

As you might expect, SPACE APE EIGHT's exploits bring him in contact with more than a few bizarre adversaries. These include: ROBOT DINOSAUR MASTER, LUNIMO the Moon Collector, the renegade SPACE APE THIRTEEN, BIONICUS, the METEOR MUMMIES and TIGERELLA, just to name a few.

As if these evil characters weren't enough to keep SPACE APE EIGHT busy, he must also suffer the incomparable anguish of occasionally baby-sitting his kid sister, ROSIE, or dealing with the results of one of KIP's science experiments. Daily dities are often more dangerous than the mightiest foe.
With SPACE APE EIGHT, the adventure never ends.