The Alien Spotter's Companion

The Essential Alien Spotter's Companion is designed to stimulate thought and imagination as well as a sort of weird, scientific curiosity in kids, teenagers and, hopefully, adults alike. It's not to be taken too seriously. It'd be an awe-inspiring experience that would have kids rummaging for paper and pencils, eager to design their own aliens.

The Essential Alien Spotter's Companion would purport to be the collected drawings, paintings, sketches, film footage, notes and ramblings of an eccentric, Galaxy-hopping, alien anthropologist, and his young assistant, which had just come to light.

Just as the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady captured the imagination of so many when it was discovered hidden away in someone's attic a number of years ago, The Essential Alien Spotter's Companion would have a similar effect - albeit in the altogether different realm of futuristic fantasy - if it was presented as being a long lost collection of knowledge and imagery that had been discovered, quite by chance, either in an ancient, alien space craft deep within the bowels of the Earth, or perhaps upon some obscure little moon within our own solar system.

Take two totally ancient, wacky, spaced out aliens; one with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, exploration and new experience, - the other who'd quite happily sit around all day watching space operas, snacking and playing his guitar.

Add a small boy, called Paco, from a strange, blue little world called Earth. Give them a crazy, ramshackle old ship with a Peculium drive and a hold full of the weirdest creatures and oddball critters anybody ever laid eyes on.

Toss in a good sized dollop of danger, in the form of regular encounters with Intergalactic pirates, ever hungry alien life forms and unpredictable sub-space phenomena.

Then last - but by no means least - set them a task that is seemingly impossible, yet of literally Universal importance. Now, stir vigorously - and when it all starts to bubble... stand well clear.

The Essential Alien Spotters' Companion is a concept for kids, as well as for adults who have no intention of leaving that goggle-eyed state of wonder we all encounter when we meet up with our first alien.